Auntie Maim

David K. Israel

If you're like me, an information and news junkie, you subscribe to a few different magazines, some weekly, some monthly, right? And if you're still like me, you find there's never enough time in the week/month to read them cover-to-cover, right? Well, that's where we here at mental_floss take over, filling you in on some of the more fascinating pieces of news or trivia you might have missed.

Like, for instance, this amazing story on animal behavior in The Economist from several weeks ago (which wound up in the dusty READ ME BEFORE I'M ANCIENT NEWS! pile on my nightstand).

Apparently Dr. Matthias Wittlinger of the University of Ulm has been busy chopping the feet off ants and making them walk on stilts. No, he's not interested in hiring them out for birthday parties and circus events, as you might've guessed (if you're still like me), but rather in finding out how ants in the Sahara desert find their way back home once they've ventured out for food.

Check out the article to see how he proved that these fascinating little creatures actually have internal pedometers. And while you're at it, stop feeling so guilty that you haven't caught up on your subscriptions and start logging on to a little more!