I'm definitely not trying to turn this page a Flosser Stalker site (c.f. Gawker), but I couldn't resist posting about this: my favorite newspaper in Delaware, The News Journal, is reporting that actress Reese Witherspoon has been sighted(!) in my hometown of Hockessin. Everyone in the community is apparently buzzing over the fact that she visited Tomm's Produce. (Home of some fantastic iced beverages. And produce). Anyway, because everyone's always knocking The First State (especially post-Wayne's World), I just wanted to remindeveryone that the Hockessin/Wilmington area has actually been home to more than a few really, really, ridiculously good looking celebrities. There's Ryan Phillippe (Reese's husband), Elisabeth Shue, Sean Patrick Thomas (Save the Last Dance), Tom Welling (TV's Superman).  and well, Judge Reinhold. I know, what you're thinking: how could one tiny state generate so much talent? I guess there's just something in the water.