Do I hear $42.66?

David K. Israel

Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I was busy this morning listing a few items on eBay. (Anyone in the market for an old Mac Powerbook ca. 1992? Aside from the fact that it takes the better part of the morning to boot up, the thing still runs remarkably well!)

Anyway, I got to thinking: what are some of the more interesting items that have sold on eBay? Wiki had a few interesting things to say on the subject:

The 9-foot-high Jeopardy! logo that was etched in glass as the [TV show's set] backdrop sold for approximately $100,000. One of the contestant podiums sold for nearly $10,000 One of the largest items ever sold was a World War II submarine, sold by a small town in New England that decided it did not need the historical relic anymore. In May 2005, a Volkswagen Golf that had previously been registered to Cardinal Josef Ratzinger (who had been elected Pope Benedict XVI) was sold on eBay's German site for €188,938.88. The town of Bridgeville, California was sold for $1,777,877. However the winning bidder backed out of the deal and Bruce Krall subsequently purchased it for $700,000. It was placed for sale on eBay once again on April 4, 2006, with a starting price of $1,750,000.

Of course this pales by comparison, but it turns out that the second ever issue of mental_floss sold just last week for a whopping $42.65. See what kind of value you're getting for free just by following our blog?