The World Games go solar

David K. Israel

The good folk over at Treehugger have an interesting post today about a self-sufficient stadium being built in Kaohsiung City (that's in Taiwan for those geographically challenged) to host the 2009 World Games. According to the post, the stadium will be the first ever to run on solar power. Check out the fascinating story here.

And for those who may have forgotten, or just never knew (read: me!) The World Games happens every four years but consists of 30-some-odd sports not found in the Olympics. Contestants will compete for medals in such events as billiards, archery, something called korfball (gesundheit!) and even orienteering. Yes, turns out, orienteering is a very real sport. One that Lewis and Clark would have done well in. Get out your maps and compasses and go!

For the mildly curious, a complete list of World Games events can be found after the jump.

* Aikido
* Air Sports
* Archery
* Billiards
* BodyBuilding
* Boules Sports
* Bowling
* Canoe
* Casting Sport
* Climbing
* DanceSport
* Fistball
* Flying Disc
* Gymnastics
* Handball
* Hockey
* Ju-Jitsu
* Karate
* Korfball
* Life Saving
* Netball
* Orienteering
* Powerlifting
* Racquetball
* Roller Sports
* Rugby
* Squash
* Sumo
* Surfing
* Tug of War
* Underwater Sports
* Water Ski