Fish catches man


Last week we wrote about how hard it is to be a member of Class Osteichthyes; this week it seems the fish are fighting back:

A fisherman was recovering from surgery after he was speared in the chest and knocked into the Atlantic Ocean by a blue marlin during a fishing competition off Bermuda's coast. ... [Ian] Card and his father, Alan, both operators of a charter fishing boat and experienced marlin fishermen, had just hooked the fish Saturday when it suddenly leapt out of the water, impaled Ian Card just below his collar bone and knocked him into the ocean.

Not to sound unsympathetic, but the guy had just impaled a fish; can he really be surprised that the fish wanted to impale him back? Blue marlins, which you may know from The Old Man and the Sea, are amazing animals, creatures that seem more suited to the red-in-tooth-and-claw dino era than our own. All the trophy-size fish (and by trophy-size we mean something like 1,000 pounds) are female; male fish don't get above 300 pounds, which must lead to all kinds of awkward conversations between spouses ("for the last time, honey, you don't look fat in that!").