Small Peanuts?


If you've been reading our blog more or less every day (and if you haven't, shame on you), you'll recall that one out of every 200 people is allergic to peanuts.

That means there's a good chance that someone reading this right now is afflicted. First of all, to you, the peanut-allergy sufferer, I'd like to say, hello and welcome. We're glad you're with us today. I'd also like to commiserate by letting you know that I, too, suffer from allergies to dairy, garlic, yeast, and hay fever. Woe is us.

But unlike you, I cannot call up an airline in advance and insist that every peanut or peanut-related product be taken off my flight "“ for everyone! Yes, it's true. Because allergic reactions can be sometimes life threatening, those who suffer can order a peanut-free flight. It sounds comical, but it's not. In some cases, sufferers sitting in coach who even as much as smell a bag of peanuts being ripped open as far away as business class will experience all the horrible symptoms as if they've just eaten a peanut themselves.

Still, many airlines cannot guarantee a peanut-free flight, even if the request is made in advance. According to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network:

To avoid possible inhalation or skin contact reactions due to large numbers of people opening their peanut snacks, most peanut-allergic passengers are well-advised to fly on one of the following airlines that don't serve peanut snacks: American, United, Northwest, Jet Blue, Spirit, Aer Lingus, Al Italia, and British Air and ATA.