GPS? We don't need no stingin' GPS.


If you think having to ferry around three screaming kids in a minivan is bad, try carpooling with a swarm of backseat-driving bees, like these British researchers:

Bumblebees are being dropped off at famous landmarks in North East England by Newcastle University researchers, who then observe if they can find their way back to a nest on campus. The record flight was from a garden centre in Heddon on the Wall in the Tyne Valley in the county of Northumberland -- some eight miles or 13km from their nest. The researchers have found it is only the worker bees which make their way back -- they suspect the queen bees find shelter elsewhere. The results are surprising because scientific literature says the bumblebee they are studying -- a common species called Bombus terrestris -- travels only 5km for its food.

There's lots more about bee-havior, and everything else you ever wanted to know about rotund striped stinging insects and other various and sundry invertebrates, here.