David K. Israel

I know you're all looking forward to the Weekend Word Wrap (wait for it!), but I thought I'd get Friday rolling with a new section I'm going to call IQ-Tips. (ed. note to Johnson & Johnson: we're happy to lend you our brand name!)

In the end, these weekly tips might not increase your IQ all that much, but you'll still probably be glad to have "˜em, if only to arm you with yet one more piece of trivia that'll impress your friends.

Today's IQ-Tip is simple: Wash your sponges.

Yes, I realize the implied silliness in the idea, but if you have a dishwasher, throwing your sponges on the top shelf every time you run it will not only increase a sponge's "sinklife," but will also have it smelling like new again.

My mother, who's visiting from back east, is the one who suggested it when the condition of our sponges caused her to screw up her face like she'd just smelt spoiled milk.

Embarrassed, I tried it yesterday. And whaddaya know? It works!