I never sausage a sport


Having thoroughly tired ourselves out over the weekend with cheese racing, my husband and I are looking for another quirky sport to adopt. mental_floss research editor Sandy Wood suggested sausage racing, which has a spicy new twist this year:

Wearing an oversized brown sombrero and a bright yellow shirt emblazoned with the number five, Chorizo became the fifth pork product to run the famed sausage race at the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. ... Chorizo will be put through the grind in the minor league, so he can get some extra seasoning before rejoining the other sausages next season, Melvin said. The team was given special permission to include Chorizo on Saturday, Schlesinger said, to coincide with its first celebration of Hispanic contributions to the sport. Brewers players will wear jerseys with the word "Cerveceros" on them — "Brewers" in Spanish. ... The sausage race has been a staple of every home game since 2000, though the event began years before as animation. The sausages were propelled into the national limelight in 2003 when Pittsburgh Pirates player Randall Simon took a swat at the Italian sausage with a bat.

Apparently player/sausage rivalry is a bit of a tradition; check out this video of Braves players in the dugout throwing stuff at the sausages as they trundle by. Jeez, guys, lay off, it's not like they're the Yankees.