It's all Greek to Californians!

David K. Israel

At the foot of some of the tallest trees in the world, up on Humboldt Bay in the Redwood Forest, the small town of Eureka, California is celebrating its 150-year anniversary this summer. "Eureka!" of course, also happens to be California's state motto, appearing on the state seal since 1849. In Greek, "eureka" means "I have found it!" and probably refers to the discovery of "gold in them there hills."

But the original "eureka" was coined by the Greek mathematician, Archimedes, who, as legend has it, jumped out of his bathtub and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting "Eureka!" after discovering the principles of density.

Archimedes is also the man whose experiments with circles led to the discovery of the constant: "pi" - Ï€, (or 3.14) "“ if you can remember all the way back to geometry class. Which leads us "full circle" back to Eureka, California, where, much to the locals' delight, a Marie Callender's bakery has recently opened. If you're headed north this summer for the celebrations, be sure to stop in and ask for a nice piece of pecan Ï€.