As Seen on TV

David K. Israel

I like Mary's contest idea about whacky sports so much, I thought I'd pilfer the idea for this post and start a whole new theme called: As Seen on TV.
In as few pixels as possible, the idea for episode one is this: who's got the craziest idea for a Reality TV show? Because it seems the nuttier, the better the chances of securing a 13-episode order from a network. Need proof? Tune in starting this Sunday at 5pm ET over at A&E for Designing Blind, a new home-makeover series featuring—are you strapped into your parachutes?—a blind designer named Eric B.!

This, and more, via actor David Hedison's website: "It soon becomes apparent that Eric "˜sees' in completely different ways. In the course of the makeovers he confronts the couple's issues of fear, trust and control while they learn to draw on the power of their other senses to transform their homes and their lives."

So, okay, if a blind man can serve as make-over guru, and two cars leave Philadelphia traveling at the same speed, and x=y2, where x is a variable that only studio and network execs understand, what, pray tell, is your idea for the next big Reality show hit? (Though no free floss book is involved, you'll definitely get bragging rights from a follow-up post and 15 mental_minutes of fame!)