Let it snow

David K. Israel

I woke this morning and thought to myself: I wonder if it will ever snow again in Johannesburg, South Africa? Because, if you didn't know, the last time it did was way back in 1981, which, for our younger readers, was a few years before the launch of MTV "“ if you can imagine a world without MTV, then sure, why not one without snow. [ed note: correction, the same year as the launch of MTV!]
(There's a joke in there about the good old days when TV stations signed off and the screen went to snow, but I've got to move along to the story here"¦)

Well, what do you know! It's snowing in South Africa! While the rest of us suffer through one of the worst heat waves on record, kids are having snowball fights in Johannesburg.

When I was a kid, we used to put snowballs in the freezer during winter with the hope of taking them out once summer arrived for a few laughs. But by that time they were just solid balls of ice, not unlike something you could have made with tap water"¦ ahh, youth.