Newsflash! Cigarettes:alcohol::peas:carrots


Last month scientists found that beer makes you clumsy; this week they've uncovered another little-known phenomenon: some people like to smoke -- when they drink!

A study of rats conducted at Texas A&M University indicates that nicotine levels regularly achieved by human smokers can reduce the amount of alcohol that reaches the bloodstream. The finding has implications for the many who smoke while drinking alcohol. ... The stomach contains an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, which breaks down alcohol. If alcohol remains in the stomach, more of it can be broken down, meaning less passes on to the intestines, where alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. ... Not only might cigarettes prompt more drinking by lowering blood alcohol levels, said psychologist Saul Shiffman of the University of Pittsburgh, but drinking actually seems to spur smoking. "When people are drinking," he said, "they're more likely to smoke."

Who woulda thunk it? We're looking forward to their upcoming study revealing that driving drunk might just be a bad idea.

Alright, fine, the study's pretty interesting once you get beyond the gee-whiz factor; go check it out.