The Week in Review: High-ku style


And now, presenting the highlights from this week's blog, in haiku form because we're just that geeky. (Next week it'll be a sonnet.)

Meatloaf cake? Carrots?
Cilantro? No thanks. All told,
We'd rather have pi.

Speaking of beefcakes --
They don't always win. Sometimes,
Hot chicks marry down.

Heat notwithstanding,
It rained six-toed cats and dogs
All week long. Woof! Woof!

Then there were meerkats,
Which made us think of Star Trek.
(Anagram: "Same Trek.")

haiku.gif /

So, to celebrate!
Have a great weekend -- and hey,
Y'all come back real soon!

(Oh, and one last time:
Have you entered our contests?
Winners on Monday.)

Seriously, come back and visit us. We're usually not this scary.