As Seen on TV: Real Winners!

David K. Israel

Had our whacky Reality TV show contest been for a series with the punniest title, we'd certainly have to give it up for David, whose "American Idyll" show earned a hearty guffaw. And Jennifer's Physics Graduate School show would have certainly been our top pick were the contest not to try and outdo the pure bizarreness of A&E's Designing Blind.

So the winning show idea, then, goes to Anthony, whose two part entry for a program about roommates not only seems odd and original, but just Hollyweird enough that we wouldn't be surprised if the execs in Tinseltown come-a-knockin'.

When they do, you might want to impress them with the following Candid Camera trivia (courtesy of -- the show many consider the granddaddy of all realityTV programming:

When Allen Funt was in the Army in the mid-1940's, it was his job to record the messages of servicemen to be sent to their folks back home. Things always went well in rehearsal, but when the red light came on for the actual taping, the men often became tongue-tied. The solution? Allen simply disconnected the red light and secretly recorded the GIs during rehearsal. After the Army, Allen put the hidden-recording concept to work as a radio show called Candid Microphone. The very next year, 1948, it had its debut as Candid Camera on TV! Woody Allen wrote for the show and apparently even appeared in a couple episodes in the 1960s. Over the course of its many years on the air, the show has been co-hosted by celebrities such as Dina Eastwood and Suzanne Somers.