Watercooler Ammo: The Vaughniston engagement


As Gawker pointed out, people will be talking about Jen and Vince at the watercooler today, so no matter what you thought of The Break-Up, you'd best be prepared. We'll provide some Jen-Hearts-Vince trivia after the jump, but what's really worth seeing is the wedding photo! That's right, they were secretly married, and we've got the exclusive!

* Update: Oh no! Gawker says US Weekly might be wrong and there's no engagement! Where on earth could our photo have come from, then? We're so confused.

jenheartsvince.JPG /

Here's the promised trivia, but given the celebrity-ness of it, we don't guarantee accuracy:

  • Jen is fascinated by medicine and, if she weren't a bazillionaire, would have wanted to be a doctor. She's also an avid photographer and once had a painting she executed at age 11 displayed in the Met in New York. Vince was president of his high school class. He says he doesn't own a cell phone and doesn't use email.
  • At 5 feet 5 inches, Jen is a full foot shorter than Vince.
  • Vince either got so sick of hearing about Brad that he forbade Jen to talk about him, or laughed it off when Jen mistakenly called him Brad; take your pick.
  • Even after US Weekly announced the scoop, newspapers in Asia were going to press saying that the couple had broken up.