Why are commercials so much louder than tv shows?

Will Pearson

Tired of Larry "Sweet Deal" Jones from Jones Toyota screaming at you about how "prices can't get any lower"? You know you're not alone. For years people have complained to cable companies and television networks about commercials being much louder than the shows people are tuning in to watch. This happens so frequently that many TV stations post answers to the "Why are the commercials so loud?" question on their websites. They claim that the commercials aren't actually louder, but that their consistent intensity when compared to varying levels of sound in the programs makes them seem louder.

Well, it appears that viewers in Italy actually have good reason to complain. A few Italian networks aren't playing by their country's rules and have been raising volume levels by as much as 50% during commercials.

Now that I think about it, I might not mind "Sweet Deal" Jones as much if he were screaming in Italian... but with a Southern accent.