O Come, All Ye Cynics


Perhaps all this heat is finally getting to people's heads. According to ThisisLondon.com, Harrods department store has dedicated 15,000 square feet of their store to "Christmas World," reminding folk that there are only some 137 days of good shopping left before Christmas. My favorite quote in the article comes from Harrods' communications director, Peter Willasey:

"There are cynics out there who say it is too early. If the whole store was decked out then yes, it would be too early, but that won't be until the beginning of November," he said. "Just this one small area will be up and running before then."

I have two things to say to Mr Willasey:

a) Whaaaaa???? Cynics?

b) Subjunctive case: If the whole store "were" decked out, not "was." Maybe you should spend more time on your grammar and less time tending to Father Christmas clad in a red safari suit, accompanied by a zebra (I'm not making this up!), in the middle of August.

Just a thought.