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Last chance to enter our Pepsi/Coke contest


As a new blog, we like to remind ourselves that things almost always start small. Exhibit A: In 1886, sales of Coca-Cola averaged only 9 drinks per day. There are loads more Coke facts where that came from, but before you check those out, why don't you enter our guess-the-recipe-for-Coke-and- Pepsi contest? It, too, has started small, so you've got a good shot at winning, although entries are trickling in now via e-mail. The deadline is tonight at 9 EDT, and the prize is a copy of What's the Difference -- appropriate, since there's an entire chapter-let devoted to the difference between Coke and Pepsi. An excerpt that ought to tell you how this Indian court stuff will play out:

Coca-Cola [unlike Pepsi] maintains a secret ingredient: the mysterious "7X." ... The secret of 7X is so well kept that Coke was for a time forced to abandon the market in India after a law there required that all trade-secret information be disclosed to the government. The law was changed in 1991.