Watercooler Ammo: Don't be a pack rat


We're going all Lifehacker-y today for Watercooler Ammo, since some of you may be traveling for the weekend (and since all four of us will be traveling on Monday and Tuesday). Here's how to pack under the new "hand over the Burt's Bees and nobody gets hurt" rules, from the Philly Inquirer:

* If you are not sure whether an item is banned from carry-ons, pack it with the luggage going on the plane. ... It can get confusing. Lipstick does not appear to be prohibited, but lip balm does. [Editor's note: What do you think they make of these?] [Editor's note: No, seriously, that's what I use; what should I do?]

* Don't try to defeat the screening process by attempting to carry on liquids or gels purchased from shops in the gate areas. Additional gate-area security checks are being conducted.

* Some hotel chains are helping fill the void. ... Omni Hotels, for example, is making available to its guests cosmetics, skin-care and hair-care products, along with sunscreen, toothpaste, contact-lens solution, and nail polish and remover.

* US Airways has dropped its excess-baggage fee to avoid penalizing passengers who check what had been carry-on bags.

* British Airways and US Airways passengers to and from Britain and those passengers returning from Britain on other airlines are subject to tougher limits on what they can bring onboard.