So last week I threatened to write this week's wrap-up in sonnet form.

I hate it when I back myself into a corner.

To August 7-11, 2006

Last Friday's post on mondegreens was still
Aflutter Monday. So next week, we will
Return to lyrics* "“ in the meantime, we
Wrote other posts on language (did you see?)

Again, this week, our kingdom was quite wild,
With ants, giraffes, chameleons, termites, vile
And stinky flowers. Savage, too, the Mac
Sonnets-Titelblatt_1609.png And PC factions, who were on th'attack.

And sexy ladies! Paris! Hillary!
That great self-serving feminist Marie!
With one girl blogger, things could be a bore
'Round here "“ but this week, women got to roar.

Now, off we go, to weekend plans we're borne "“
But come back soon! We'll see you Monday morn.

- M.C.
* And yes, that's a hint about next week's contest.