Week in Review: Shall I compare thee to a summer's blog?


So last week I threatened to write this week's wrap-up in sonnet form.

I hate it when I back myself into a corner.

To August 7-11, 2006

Last Friday's post on mondegreens was still
Aflutter Monday. So next week, we will
Return to lyrics* "“ in the meantime, we
Wrote other posts on language (did you see?)

Sonnets-Titelblatt_1609.png /

And sexy ladies! Paris! Hillary!
That great self-serving feminist Marie!
With one girl blogger, things could be a bore
'Round here "“ but this week, women got to roar.

Now, off we go, to weekend plans we're borne "“
But come back soon! We'll see you Monday morn.

- M.C.
* And yes, that's a hint about next week's contest.