Lock-the-Door-and-Don't-Talk-to-Strangers Day


Continuing with my theme of weird coincidences involving famous murders and specific days in mid-August, today was a bad day for serial killers, and thus a good day for everyone else: Charles Manson was arrested on August 16, 1969, and Ted Bundy was arrested the same day six years later on suspicion of burglary. (Unfortunately, he later escaped and wasn't fully reined in until 1978.)

Whether Manson can really be considered a serial killer is another matter; in some ways, he was more like a mass murderer. What's the difference? To quote our book of the same name: "[Serial] killers usually don't know their victims (the opposite is true with mass murderers), [and] they almost always have 'cooling off' periods between murders...." For all the horrific violence he perpetrated, Manson doesn't exactly fit that profile. The Sharon Tate murder took place at the home of one of Manson's acquaintances, and the next killings occurred the following day.

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