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Last chance to enter the contest!


Not that we're hurting for contestants. As of this writing, we've got 170 entries and counting in our "your favorite lyrics, but better" contest. We also thought that, in the interest of improving grammar everywhere, we'd take this moment to share one reader's complaint about a Nickelback song:

On a grammatical note, I like Nickelback, but I have to skip the song "Believe It Or Not" on their The Long Road album because of the unrelenting grammar errors. An example occurs in the first four lines:

"Believe it or not everyone have things that they hide"¦ Believe it or not everyone keep most things inside"¦ Believe it or not everyone believe in something above"¦ Believe it or not everyone need to feel loved, feel loved"

Of course, the pronoun "everyone" is singular so it should say "everyone has," "keeps," "believes" and "needs."

We agree. C'mon, Chad, you can do better than that.