It's not easy being green, especially if you're French


According to Time's European edition, the Frogs are taking on the frogs -- armed men are slipping through the night, hunting the not-nearly- elusive-enough North American bullfrog:

[The species was] introduced to France in 1968 by a French aviator who liked the idea of the critters croaking in his garden. They're now an ecological menace. ... Weighing up to a kilo, these voracious predators gorge on crustaceans, fish, other frogs, salamanders and even the occasional bird. ... The park service has already killed thousands of the frogs, their tadpoles and eggs, and residents nearby are praying this eradication mission succeeds: "Thousands of bullfrogs croaking all night is unbearable," Dejean says.

Here's the question the story doesn't answer -- are these frogs just being trapped, slaughtered, and dumped? Or are they being served with tomato garlic butter? Maybe it's an animal rights thing, but if they're already being killed... Perhaps they don't taste as good as their imported Indonesian counterparts? Could they at least be sold to hungry gourmands in Namibia?