'Cause you see, he's on a losin' streak


Our friends at the Huffington Post recently turned us on to Smith magazine, where we found the following anecdote that was too good not to steal:

In 1994, the [Rolling] Stones came to Atlanta. They were on their Voodoo Lounge tour; I was working as a registered nurse for a local urologist.

A day before the band's first concert, I arrived at work a day to find an extremely excited receptionist. It seemed that Mick Jagger was experiencing some difficulties, and had been in before office hours for a special consultation with the doc. ...

There in the lab, neatly labeled M. Jagger, were three containers of urine. We really only needed one, the others were backup. This was not an opportunity I could resist.

And if you think you know where this is going... you probably do.

The rest of the Smith-iness (which is all devoted to personal stories) is equally amusing; go check it out!