On That Date

Jason English

The Yankees completed the rare five-game sweep in Boston yesterday, giving the Bronx Bombers a 6.5 game lead over their longtime rivals. According to Yankees.com, New York's last five-game sweep at Fenway Park was capped off with a 9-6 victory on September 12, 1943.

Here's what else happened that fateful Sunday:

"¢ Led by SS Major Otto Skorzeny, German paratroopers rescue Mussolini, who was being held prisoner in the Gran Sasso mountains

"¢ Elvis Presley's family moved to Nashville, Tennessee

Michael Ondaatje (author of The English Patient) , Maria Muldaur (singer of "Midnight at the Oasis") and Ralph Neely (offensive tackle of the Dallas Cowboys) were born

"¢ Lucille Ball appeared on the NBC radio show Duffy's Tavern

This Superman comic strip appeared in Sunday papers

Annabelle Johnson went to church and Sunday School

So, now you know. Oh, that picture? From a 1943 Esquire calendar. The Postmaster General Frank Walker deemed it and other published material offensive, leading a crusade to keep the magazine from sullying the public mail. A fascinating story of government censorship that the AP broke on September 13th (presumably polished the day before). Since the trial happened after September 12th, you'll have to head over to the National Archives to hear it.