The not-so-Mini event of the summer


So did you know that this past Monday marked the official kick-off of "MINI Takes the States"? No, I'm not talking about a new reality show staring Mini-me, but rather the Mini Cooper, of course, and the event involves over 3,300 owners embarking on a two-week cross-country road trip.

Emily Martian, a Mini-nut, is going to be covering the event in pictures and posts over at, so you can follow all the action there.

In her own words:

If you've got a Mini and couldn't make it, or are just interested in sharing the fun, track me and live vicariously through my words on this cross-country jaunt. Who will I ride with next? How many cups of coffee can I take before I call for a pit stop? How cool is the new Mini GP? And what awesome roadside attractions are bigger than a Mini Cooper?

My answer: We've got one monstrous roadside attraction for ya Emily! Tune your engine in tomorrow for a true California wonder that practically no one knows about.

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