Better Than Severance

Jason English

Northwest Airlines cares about their employees. Even the ones they're about to let go. Instead of a swift kick to the backside, Northwest gave workers valuable advice on navigating life in the unemployed lane.

A few highlights:

+If you do not have a savings account to fall back on, don't despair. However, this is a good example of a situation where an emergency savings account would be helpful. [Zing!]

+Use the phone book instead of directory assistance. [You fat cat, you.]

+Buy software at computer fairs. [Computer fairs?]

+Carpool. [Though, without the job to carpool to, this one might not be as relevant.]

+Bicycle to work. [Oh, right.]

+Don't be shy about pulling something you like out of the trash. [You're a bum. Embrace it!]