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Colorful blob #4


Here ya go. And here are some more things that our colorful blob is NOT:

* Keba Keba, a lonely creature who transforms into a cloud ("Keba Keba features a friendless colorful blob.")

* An exhibit at MOMA ("The show, too, is a bit of a blob. A bright, colorful blob in a museum.")

* A Larry McMurtry novel ("His brush strokes here have become so broad that his picture blurs into a colorful blob.")

* The Super Mondo Inside-Out Ball by Play Visions ("So what do the kids do with this soft, gooey, colorful blob?")

* The Experience Music Project at Seattle Center ("Through the corridors of this colorful blob of a museum built by leading postmodern architect Frank O. Gehry, past the gift shop with its Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain posters, Beatles lunchboxes, T-shirts and paraphernalia, attendees crammed into the Learning Lab to hear University of London prof Marybeth Hamilton read an intriguing account on the unearthing of a rare collection of 'race records.'")

* An evil character in a Star Trek parody ("McCoy: The weird colorful blob seems to be off in that direction. ... Kirk: Hmm. Have you seen a weird colorful blob around here somewhere?")