You're all probably aware by now of my penchant for writing poetry when prose will suffice. Well, it seems I have a soulmate over at The Morning News, where NYT obituaries have been turned into "light verse," such as the following ditty on the life of the co-founder of a popular burger chain:

Esther L. Snyder, 86; Burger Matriarch

"Burger Mistress" wasn't what she'd always longed to be,
Having graduated with a zoological degree.
But something made her sour on a life exploring fauna
Choosing burger patties over the Galapagos Iguana.

Perhaps her coursework had her write an essay or a thesis
On the mayfly who is born, then mates, and rapidly deceases.
Maybe from that research Esther learned what it's about:
This life affords us barely time for a little In-N-Out.

If you think that's amazing, check out the one on the bagpipe innovator!