You Wanna Bet

Jason English

The new New Scientist says gambling is just as addictive as the hardest drugs.

That means you can't be held responsible for craving some action on one of these obscure bets:

+Whose body will be found first, Jimmy Hoffa (+230) or Osama Bin Laden (-360)?

+Who will Jake Gyllenhaal be publicly photographed kissing first?
(Lance Armstrong, 3-1; Mathew McConaughey, 2-1; Natalie Portman, 1-3)

+Which tribe will win Survivor: Race Wars?
(The Asian-American Tribe, 13-7; The Hispanic Tribe, 3-1; The African-American Tribe, 7-3; The White Tribe, 3-2)

+What month will the Sony PlayStation 3 launch in the U.S.?

+Will Yale admit a former Taliban ambassador?

+Who will be Harvard's next President?
(Alison F. Richard, 12-to-1 odds; John Etchemendy 4/1; Mary Sue Coleman, 18/1; Shirley M. Tilghman, 10/1; Shirley Ann Jackson, 6/1; Ruth J. Simmons, 9/2; Lawrence S. Bacow, 15/1; Robert C. Dynes, 16/1; Carolyn Martin, 25/1; Mark S. Wrighton, 13/1; Harvey V. Fineberg, 22/1; Amy Gutmann, 22/1; Lee C. Bollinger, 25/1; Drew Gilpin Faust, 15/1; Elena Kagan, 3/1; Steven E. Hyman 7/2; Nannerl O. Keohane, 11/1)

Will a new internet gaming/gambling law be signed in 2006?

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