China bans lap dances at funerals?!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Reuters is reporting that five people were arrested in Donghai, China on Wednesday for organizing stripteases at funerals. Police were clued in to the unusual activity after two groups of dancers gave "obscene performances" at a farmer's memorial service. But why strippers? Far from simply putting the "fun" back in funerals, the disrobing actually served a specific purpose—to make sure that the deceased didn't go off to his grave in Willy Loman-style.
As one villager put it, "Striptease used to be a common practice at funerals in Donghai's rural areas to allure viewers. Local villagers believe that the more people who attend the funeral, the more the dead person is honored." And apparently the tactics work. Until recently, the two troupes of strippers were regularly employed by wealthy families, with 200 people showing up to last week's event.
Aside from arresting the 5 strippers, local officials have also sent warnings to funeral management and issued a notice that village officials must submit plans for memorial ceremonies within 12 hours of a villager's death. Further, the government has set up a hotline for residents to report "funeral misdeeds" should they witness any more graveyard salaciousness.