Weekend Word Wrap

David K. Israel

Today's Word Wrap keeps on with our tradition of bringing you the hippest, most happening new words being coined, as they're coined... well, okay, with at least a 5-second delay, "˜cause a blog that brands itself as SMART certainly don't wanna go lookin' all stupid and bleep.

Today's sparkling entries come to you via the good folk over at Word Spy:

guyliner n. Eyeliner designed for and used by men. (Citations) rejuvenile n. An adult who enjoys activities and things normally associated with children. —adj., v.— rejuveniling pp. (Citations) SMUM n. A woman who finds motherhood and her children tedious and uninteresting. [Acronym from Smart, Middle-Class, Uninvolved, Mother.] (Citations) face blindness n. Difficulty recognizing faces or telling faces apart. Also: face-blindness. —face-blind adj. (Citations) aireoke (air.ee.OH.kee) n. Playing air guitar and singing to prerecorded music; playing air guitar in a public performance. Also: air-eoke. [Blend of air guitar and karaoke.] (Citations)

And if you've never heard aireoke, but think you might have the talent "“ or just like making a fool of yourself onstage, be sure to check out aireoke.com and their cool blog. It's air-eokay in my book. Heavens, did I just coin a new word? aireokay -- adj. a decent aireoke performance, a well played air-guitar