Buy a shirt, save the planet. (No, not our planet.)


We don't care what the International Astronomical Union thinks -- today, we're taking our cues from Yahoo News (which labeled the link for this Pluto story "http://...planet_mutiny") and officially declaring this blog a Plutocracy. We will be campaigning for Pluto's reinstatement from now until, well, until both the former planet and ours are set right again. You can join us and help our cause in two ways:

1. Write to the IAU here.

2. Buy our shirt commemorating Pluto's downfall -- just think what a collector's item it will be after our campaign succeeds! To get your shirt, use the "suggest a topic/link" button at the top of the blog to send us an email reserving yours, or email us at We'll notify you when the shirts are in stock in our store.

Editor's note: We actually know there are many, many good reasons Pluto should not be considered a planet, which we'll be blogging about on Monday. We're just in the first Kubler-Ross stage of grief.