Air Marshals to get Casual Fridays (and Mondays, and Tuesdays"¦)


Yahoo News is reporting that air marshals no longer have to wear suits to work. Apparently, despite the effectiveness of having marshals on board, the agency has been plagued by dwindling morale, at least partially caused by the strict dress code. One air marshal was quoted saying, "They trust us at 35,000 feet to protect passengers, carrying a gun on the plane, but they weren't allowing us to dress [casually]."Of course, more than morale, the concern since 2001 has been that you can single out air marshals by their sharp suits, compromising their "secret" identity. And while I'm assuming it'll be a lot harder for a terrorist to spot a marshal in torn jeans and a ripped Metallica t-shirt, if a guy in that get-up pulls out a gun on a plane and claims he's a marshal, I might be a little hesitant to believe him.