Manual transmissions of the feeblest kind

David K. Israel

Ever get frustrated with the grammar found in operating manuals that come with imported electronic gear?

Me shore does.

In fact, I generally find them about as frustrating as those pesky salespeople at Circuit City or Radio Shack, always trying to get you to buy their extended warranties for said gear. Well today I stumbled upon a site that commiserates by allowing you to post your more-often-than-not comical, grammatically incorrect finds for the whole blogosphere to read. It's called, and last week they had a real lulu  - not for a piece of electronic equipment, but for a desk a reader named Chris bought at Target. Check this out:

Cautious: Please do not worry if still some smell from this fresh product when open it. As it is non-toxic and no dangerous while using. It will be gone in a few days after exposure in the air. In Chris's own words, "Not only was the English poorly translated, the desk smelled."

Go check out for more, but here at mental_floss, we always love it when you share your grammar horror stories with us, too. So don't forget to tell us first!