Contest: What's the good word?


Stephen Colbert continues his reign as King of Geeks this week; yesterday he took the title for coining the top television buzzwords of the year: "truthiness" and "wikiality." We agree with Gawker about the general lame-itude of the proceedings ("Katie?" "Katrina?" last we checked, these were first names, not important-sounding technical words used to impress laymen), but we do like funny words, and we do like contests. So in that spirit, and also in David's spirit, this week for our contest we're asking you to coin a new word. The rules:

Use it in a sentence. A real one, too, not "Mynewword is the-meaning-of-mynewword."

Be relevant. Entries that relate to someone/something in the news will fare best.

Be funny. And if we have to explain this one, you'll probably have to work a little harder than most.

You know the drill: Leave your answer in the comments or email us at The winner gets our brand-new Pluto-themed t-shirt. Also, we (and by "we" I mean "I") will encourage the winning word's entry into the general lexicon by using it once a day, all next week, right here on this blog.