Dear Mr. Fantasy

Jason English

Tonight is my fantasy football draft. What used to be the geeky pastime of overzealous football fanatics has evolved into...well, the geeky pastime of more football fanatics.

Fifteen million Americans will join me this season. That means approximately 280 million people are shaking their puzzled heads. The reality is, fantasy sports has become a billion-dollar industry, with something for everyone.

If the NFL isn't your game "“ and you're not into college football, baseball, soccer, the NBA, NHL, golf, tennis, or NASCAR "“ try one of these alternate fantasy leagues:

+I've heard of midnight bowling, disco bowling, even nude bowling. But I can't wrap my head around fantasy bowling.

+Fantasy Water Skiing. None of the risk. Or rush. Or fun.

+Ever heard of the Dew Action Sports Tour? Well, now we have the Fantasy Dew Action Sports Tour.

+We all know pro wrestling isn't real. Therefore, Fantasy WWE makes perfect sense.

+While I can't find an open league to join, there's plenty of chatter around Texas High School Fantasy Football.

+With all the talk about cricket these days, of course there's a fantasy league you can join.

+And here's by far my favorite. Fantasy dog shows. Seriously. I don't even have a comment.

Clearly, the whole fantasy concept can be (and is being) applied to almost anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Fantasy Midterm Elections? Fantasy National Weather Service? Leave them in the comments. Maybe we can form a league.