Brilliant woman tattoos herself for mental_floss

Will Pearson

mental_floss readers have done many things to express their loyalty over the years. We've seen great pictures of fans reading the magazine at the South Pole. A group of soldiers sent pictures after enjoying the mag in one of Saddam's former palaces. And there have been a few expressions that aren't fit for describing on a family-friendly blog. But this is the first floss-inspired tattoo I'm aware of (besides my mom's). Here's what our favorite person of the week had to say:

A heart? Too soft. A fairy? Not nearly hard enough. Tattoos are meant to make statement. After reading last year's "10 Latin Phrases You Pretend To Know," I realized the maxim "Memento mori" was the perfect basis for my first tattoo. There's nothing like the icy scythe of death hanging over your head to get you going in the morning. Peace and love, Lanaly (Kauai, Hawaii)

Thanks Lanaly! So mental_floss fans, consider this a challenge. Can you one-up the "MEMENTO MORI" tattoo?

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