IQ-tips: H2-ohh no

David K. Israel

So we all know our planet is in trouble, right? Old news by now. Especially when it comes to using up things like water, a natural resource many think will be fought over in the not-so-distant future. COHA (that's the Council On Hemispheric Affairs) even claimed earlier this year that by 2025, two-thirds of the world's population might already be suffering from severe water scarcity.

But we also know, deep down, we've all got the ability to affect change now, even though in the grand scheme of things, most of us probably don't feel like our singular contributions will really make any big dif, right?


Here's another simple dishwasher-related tip, with some even simpler math, which proves that every little change you make, goes a long way in restoring the balance.

Verily, Consumer Reports says unto thee:

Don't prerinse dishes before loading the dishwasher. You'll save as much as 20 gallons a load, or 6,500 gallons per year. Our tests show prerinsing doesn't improve cleaning. Or, use the rinse-and-hold dishwasher feature for a less-than-full load before later in the week running the full load. The rinse-and-hold option uses about 2 gallons of water... and make your next dishwasher a water-saver. The most water-efficient models we've tested use only about 5 gallons per wash--less than half that of the least water-efficient models.