Celluloid-stumper: The Cabinet

David K. Israel

We know how much you all loved Ransom's Geo-stumper, so we're serving another one up today, only let's call it a Celluloid-stumper.

(By the way, little known factoid: film isn't generally made from celluloid anymore, but rather polyester.)

Now then, without Googling, (and we mean it!), bragging rights to the person who can answer these three questions first, and correctly:

Question #1: What movie does the following excerpted dialogue come from?

Character A: Can you name all the members of the Cabinet? Character B: Yes... I know the names of the Cabinet. Character A: Okay... All Twelve? Character B: Yes.

Question #2: Name the actors who played both characters.

Question #3: Tell us what Character B's answer should have been to the question posed by Character A and why.

On your mark, get set, GO!