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We'll call it "Meat-al Floss"


Our songwriting contest ended weeks ago, with the winning entry transforming "I Wanna Be Sedated" into "I wanna piece of bacon." But reader Donna decided that deadline or no deadline, she had to have some of our attention:

To the chorus of "Brass In Pocket," by The Pretenders:

Gonna use my arms
Gonna use my legs
Gonna use my style
Gonna use my sausage
Gonna use my fingers
Gonna use my, my, my imagination

As someone who has never understood that particular lyric, which is apparently "my sidestep," I think that's special (so special!). I'm starting to wonder if there's a market for a carnivore-themed album. Any more meaty ideas?

Editor's note: I am sick right now, so this is probably the DayQuil talking.