I'm not suggesting that anyone actually break into Boston's Museum of Science to obtain these things for me -- you'd just get tracked down and I'd have to give them back -- but nonetheless, I have a birthday coming up, and if someone wanted to send me replicas of these wonderful gewgaws I spotted last weekend, I wouldn't send them back:

Knitted Brain, by Karen Norberg. Not only is it cuddly, it's anatomically correct!

The Tinkertoy Computer. Built by, who else, a group of MIT students, it "plays a mean game of tic-tac-toe" and is made almost entirely of the classic wooden toys.

"Sequencia" by Susan Alexjander and "DNA Suite" by David Deamer. Sadly unavailable on iTunes, these musical compositions are based on the make-up of human genes.

A Naboo starfighter. Why it's in the Museum of Science, I have no idea, but they've got one hanging from the ceiling.

And for the law-abiding folks out there, something from the gift shop: a stuffed animal bacterium in the shape of necrotizing fascitis, or flesh-eating disease -- which left me a little disconcerted, considering that the gift shop is next to the cafeteria. Get yours here.