"Beware of pludog" doesn't have the same ring


We know, we know. It's been a week since Pluto was demoted, and it's time to come back to Earth and get on with our lives. But before we resign ourselves to accepting that from now on, Pluto will be a planet only in our hearts (and on our t-shirts), we'd like to second Joan Bushwell's point that by the astronomers' logic, Pluto is also not a dog:

Having recently realized that Pluto has a number of characteristics not ordinarily found in Canis lupus familiaris, the members of the panel -- after much heated discussion -- arrived at the following consensus: 1. All dogs must have at least four toes on each paw (not including the dewclaw). 2. All dogs must have at least two distinct eyes. 3. All male dogs must possess external genitalia (or, if neutered, visible remnants thereof). 4. If its tail resembles a flagellum, it ain't a dog. On the basis of these criteria, it was determined that the Disney icon is not, in fact, a dog, and belongs in a new class of caninoform organisms, to be known henceforth as "Pludogs."

Oh, snap. If we can get Disney to lobby the IAU, Pluto's status should be restored in no time. Hooray for plutobstinance!