Week in Review: Feeling a bit wordy


All week long you've been sending us great new neologisms (is that redundant?) for our coin-a-new-word contest. For today's Week in Review, I'm doing the same.

Spellancholy. Noun. The state of still being upset about losing a spelling bee in 1989.

Mortugal. Noun. A place where people are obsessed with death. Also used as the adjective mortuguese, as in, "That Goth chick is always quoting Sylvia Plath. She only speaks mortuguese."

Starbucker. Noun. Someone who gives you a coupon and then claims that it's no longer valid.

Inkredible. Adjective. Bearing a permanent mark in tribute to mental_floss. Synonym: tat-tastic.

Pitchfest. Noun. A strategy of pouting and sulking used to stop play in cricket when a team feels slighted by the umpires.

Shutterbugged. Adjective. Annoyed by the constant posts on this blog featuring giant pictures of insects.

Rugrat. Noun. A baby; specifically, a baby wearing a toupee.

Ho-hump. Adjective. Suggestive and of mediocre quality, as in, "Fergie seems to be confusing Tower Bridge with London Bridge -- the song's catchy, but it's really just ho-hump."

Number three. Noun. Death on the toilet, as in, "Catherine the Great said she had to do number two, but she's been in there so long I'm starting to worry it was number three."

Smug n' Tall. Noun. A clothing store aimed at people who think their prodigious height indicates prodigious intellect.

Greenhouse gassy. Adjective. So prone to burping and/or farting as to contribute to global warming through the production of large quantities of methane.

Statue-tory crime. Noun. An act considered offensive if committed by a statue but laudable if committed by attractive young women.

Roo-486. The logical next step in Australia's war against overly fecund kangaroos.

Have a great weekend, everyone!