Dear Mr. Fantasy (P.S.)

Jason English

We talked last week about alternative fantasy leagues. Over the weekend, my friend Mario and my dad each pointed out ones I missed.

Can you predict celebrity breeding habits? Spot a chin lift? Sense when a fading star is about to leak an internet sex tape? Grab the tabloids to prepare for your Fafarazzi draft.

" is a Fantasy Celebrity League. It's like fantasy sports but instead of points being scored for homeruns and touchdowns they're scored for divorces, catfights and nose jobs!"

And, from my father, something to add a little intrigue to watching fishing on TV. That's right, it's fantasy fishing.

"Create and manage a team of professional anglers and track their performance on the CITGO Bassmaster Tournament Trail."

If that's too low brow for your tastes, there's always the upper crustier We hit to all fields.