IQ-tips: Save at the pump


So if you haven't noticed, gas prices have been inching their way down again. After yesterday's news that, potentially, billions of barrels of oil have been found deep below the Gulf of Mexico, I guess we can expect gas prices to relax even further.

But just in case they don't, or, more importantly, if you feel like getting even more fuel for less, I bring you today's IQ-tip$, from an article that appeared in this past weekend's Parade magazine. (I ask you: what better way to pass the long weekend than with the latest copy of Parade?)

Gas prices usually are at their lowest at midday Tuesday and on Wednesday morning. Avoid filling up on weekends and during a big holiday, when lots of folks are traveling. Gas is more dense when cold, so fill up at night or early in the morning. Find the busiest gas stations. They're often the least expensive, and they're more likely to have fresh fuel, free of contaminants. Avoid gas stations on toll roads and off the side of a freeway, where they can stick you with a stiff premium. Don't "top off" your tank or try to round up to the nearest dollar. You might spill some of that $3 gasoline. Check Web sites like to find the best local fuel prices. And at, you can figure out how much that road trip you're considering will cost you.