I'm the sort of person who would appreciate a butler. Or at least a staff of servants to do everything for me. And since I can't exactly afford that, I tend to buy a lot of electric gadgets to make my life somewhat simpler. I use an electric toothbrush so that I don't have to wiggle my arm during the whole tooth brushing process. I use an electric kettle specifically for tea, because there's no need to bring a microwave into the operation. I even use an electric razor so that I don't have to deal with all the fuss of wiping shaving cream off my face. And from now on, I vow to use an electric fork so that I no longer have to deal with the ordeal of twirling my own spaghetti. That's right, for just $8, Perpetual Kid is offering you a battery operated fork that will twirl your pasta into "more satisfying bites." Now if only there were a gadget to lower this fork into my food, and then bring it up to my mouth, I think I'd be all set.