A Python That Couldn't Cross the Road

Mangesh Hattikudur

God, pythons are such gluttons. As if swallowing an electric blanket wasn't bad enough (see here), a Malaysian specimen gulped down a pregnant (PREGNANT?!) sheep and then couldn't move. In fact, according to The Times Online, firefighters had to help push it off the street to aid traffic. Strangely enough, the snakes are infamous for bursting in attempts to swallow enormous portions (like trying to down elephants and alligators). Of course, while pythons do tend to eat a lot, they seem to adhere pretty fastidiously to the Atkins diet. I've never seen one order bread at a restaurant, and they always look pretty trim to me. Link via ettf.---
JUST AN FYI: the Python pictured here isn't the one that the text is talking about! To see a disgusting pic of the referenced reptile click on the more button.

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