Male fish eggs?


I once saw a supermarket rag headline that read, "Men Can Have Babies Too!" and, after nosing through the article while waiting on line, almost believed it. (I was much younger, of course. Well, okay, only ten years younger, but honestly, who's counting?)

Yet, according to this fascinating piece over at ABC News yesterday, ""¦scientists are finding male smallmouth and largemouth bass with immature eggs in their sex organs."

Why? Mutant fish can only mean one thing, right? Right. Just like real estate or baseball pitching, it comes down to location, location, location. In this case, these unfortunate fish find themselves in the wrong part of the Potomac River at the wrong time.

Scientists have identified a large number of pollutants [in the river] that could be to blame including human estrogen from processed sewage, animal estrogen from farm manure, certain pesticides and soap additives.

Hmmm, maybe if we eat enough bass over the next several decades that old tabloid headline I read won't be considered so apocryphal after all. And, while we're on the subject of mutant fish and two-headed creatures, check out the rainbow trout below, caught in Nebraska last December!